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Natural Protected Areas of Piedmont's

Natural Parks Gran Bosco of Salbertrand

It extends on the right side ofVal Susa [Northern Alps Cozie] and includes the territory of seven counties of the Comunita Montane Alta Valle Susa and Alta Valle Chisone. It is occupied at 70% from forests, which comprehend all the conifers of the alpine atmosphere, and at the remaining 30%, at high height, from pastures and meadows. Already in 1700 the main nucleus of the forest supplied great plants that were utilized by the army for the military uses and, always from the Gran Bosco, came the lumber for great works of civil engineering of the Savoia family like the Basilica of Superga and the Castle ofVenaria Reale. The low part of the forest is dominated by various species of broadlear, the Sylvester pines occupy the sunnier parts, red and white firs are situated in the central part of the Park,leaving space, from 1800 meters, to the mixed forest of larch and cembran pine. At the superior limit of the larch there are wide zones of underbrush with bilberry and rhododendron and, more higher, pastures. More than 600 vegetables species create a great variety of ambient with a particularly rich fauna, made by more than 70 species of birds, and numerous species of mammals, among them dominate the deer, the roe, the chamois and the wild boar. The very rich fauna and the places quiet have recently made possible to the wolf to find here an ideal habitat. The fascination of the Park Gran Bosco is not only given by the nature: the mans history has marked the places with fortifications and entrenchments, old houses in stone and constructions that recall the old trades, visitable today as Ecomuseo.
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Natural Parks of Piedmont's:

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