1. Natural Parks.
  2. The Natural Parks of Piemonte (Natural Protected Areas of Piemonte).

Natural Parks of Piedmont's

Natural Parks: Natural Protected Areas of Piedmont's

The institutive law of the Piedmonts Parks has thirty years. Approved from the Regional Council on the 30th April 1975, the law on the protected areas didn't have an easy life: it was received with enthusiasm from many, contested or endured with distrust from others.
Was it a right choice? At a distance of some decades we can calmly give an answer. Well! It was a right and necessary choice in spite of the critics, sometimes justified, not for the merit but for the modalities by which it was imposed. The positive answer lies in the facts, in the reality of the consolidate experience of our four Parks.

These are some of the more important activities that the Parks have lead in the years. The photos that are inserted in this diary will provoke positive feelings and emotions. Wasn't it indispensable to protect this wonderful nature, patrimony of alI, to transmit it in inheritance to the new generations.

Natural Parks of Piedmont's:

  1. The Natural Park of Val Troncea;
  2. The Natural Parks Gran Bosco of Salbertrand;
  3. The Natural Park Orsiera Rocciavrè and Reservation of Chianocco and Foresto;
  4. The Natural Park Lakes of Avigliana;

Materials to exclusive ownership of Region Piedmont. Reproduction subject to authorization.

Other Parks:

  1. Natural Parks of Lazio (Natural Protected Areas of Lazio);
  2. Natural Parks of Abruzzo (Natural Protected Areas of Abruzzo).

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