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Natural Parks of Lazio

Natural Parks: Natural Protected Areas of Lazio

LAZIO, a region of over 17,200 km, with countryside that stretches from the sea and it's Tyrrhenian islands to the Apennine summit, is rich in natural wonders that make it one of the regions with the highest biodiversity in the Italian peninsula. There is a variety of zones which is well represented in the National System of Protected Natural Areas of Lazio (Sistema Regionale delle Aree naturali Protette del Lazio), where nearby-the vast parks we find environments still intact contained within urban centers, where the internationally important wet zones are matched with architectural districts inserted in grand natural scenes.
An active system which has set up development processes based on the rational use of the renewable resources, on the maintenance of the environmental characteristics, on the development of scientific activity, recreational and economically compatible with the conservation of the resources and the protection of the original ecosystems. Along these lines activities have developed within the diverse areas of the System which have included the residents of the protected areas as protagonists. First of all have been the young people who have understood what conservation of the ecosystems and of the natural environmental characteristics can offer to those who have ideas, imagination and above all the will to commit themselves, chances for new work, based on the conscientious use of the natural and cultural resources.
Conservation of the ecosystem's species, missions to rescue the fauna, environmental education activities, naturalistic and instructional tourism, the cultivation of healthy and tasty agroalimentary products, the production of commonly used objects, marrying present day techniques and materials from the past, the recovery of old and characteristic structures in order to offer the charm of traditional hospitality, the recovery of old paths in order to rediscover forgotten areas: all this is possible, all this can be found in the Natural Protected Areas of Lazio, a dynamic system in continuous evolution.
A system to discover through excursion paths, natural paths, thematic museums, and in the reception structures present in the diverse areas.
The National System of Protected Natural Areas of Lazio (Sistema Regionale delle Aree Naturali Protette del Lazio) is on the Web, at www.parks.it/regione.lazio.
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