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Natural Parks: Natural Protected Areas of Lazio

Natural Park Mountain of Duchess

Natural Park Mountain of Duchess (Corvaro): environment: Geographic location.
The extreme western strip, in Lazio's territory, of the mount Velino chain, in the municipality of Borgorose, province of Rieti . Central eastern Lazio - Italy.

Natural Park Mountain of Duchessa (Corvaro): environment.
The rocky outcroppings which form the backbone are largely made up of limestone. On the valley floor alluvial deposits and recent detritus can be seen. The Karstic phenomenon predominates next to the glacial morphology of the morainic deposits where the small Lake Duchessa is located.
The field pasture mountain environments occupy a great part of the protected territory and, along with a vast deciduous oak woods and beautiful beech stands, are home to a fauna which conserves a rich sampling of mountain species.
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  1. Natural Park Mountain of Duchess (Corvaro).
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